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THE SCIENCE OFAlgorithm dependence

Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Sachin Banker, assistant professor at the University of Utah, to understand whether people are overdependent on algorithms.

THE SCIENCE OFEmotional support

Canvas8 spoke to Xi Tian, a researcher at Penn State University, to understand what’s required for effective emotional support.

THE SCIENCE OFDiversity dishonesty

Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Leigh Wilton, psychology professor at Skidmore College, to understand why companies should show, rather than say, what they’re doing.

THE SCIENCE OFSeeking control

Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Leonard Lee, a marketing professor at the National University of Singapore, to understand the human needs that fuel panic-buying.

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Creative agenciesBe inspired by new ideas, strengthen pitches and briefings, and find the killer insight that will drive resonance in culture.

My go-to research platform. I've used it in every pitch I have ever won and I rate them very, very highly. (Basically, they are my secret weapon and make me look clever.)
Creative strategy director, Ogilvy & Mather
Media teamsUnderstand how patterns of attention and engagement are changing and find new spaces and places to tell powerful stories.

Canvas8 fills that little gap of insight that’s the trickiest to find, but when understood can leapfrog your thinking into new territories, getting everyone excited along the way.
Associate director, strategic planning, Dentsu Aegis
Comms & PR teamsEnsuring teams have the latest intelligence on what's impacting audiences and important narratives in culture.

Canvas8 is the first port of call for context, inspiration, and evidence to shape strategic solutions. Everything they do reveals a deeper insight into consumer behavior, and their analysis and reading lists present unique opportunities to understand our audiences from a fresh perspective.
Director of strategic planning, Edelman
Insight teamsProviding essential resources across teams to empower them to get ahead on everyday research questions with centralized control.

I love these guys. Their reports and case studies are consistently thought-provoking and their responses to our briefs are always on target. Canvas8 explains complex issues using simple language without depending on made-up portmanteau words that are the stock-in-trade of other trend commentators.
Head of knowledge, Publicis
Innovation teamsDiscover new areas of opportunity in consumer behavior and ensure your ideas are meeting the needs of people now and in the future.

Knocks spots off Mintel or any of those guys, so well done.
Chair of innovation, Goldsmiths University
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