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Expert Outlook 2022
Opt In/Opt Out

The Canvas8 Expert Outlook is our unique insight into the year ahead. We spoke to 68 global experts including macro thinkers, cultural insiders and sector specialists to identify three emerging mindsets set to make a big impact in 2022.

Meet the Mindsets
The Culture StewardRethinking localism for a hyper-globalised world, people are reframing community, culture, and craft.
The Systems ScepticSuspicious of existing systems, people are opting out and building their own.
The ContrarianNot wanting to take life too seriously, people are ‘doing me’ and owning their contradictions.
What's inside?
68 experts
45 behaviours
3 mindsets
You’ll get access to the mindset platform, a series of 3 mini-webinars and a 10-day trial of the Canvas8 Membership Platform.
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How to use it
Clarity amongst uncertaintyWith behaviour changing rapidly as a result of the pandemic, the report gives you confidence in your next move.
Stimulus for creative ideasData, cultural artefacts and brand case studies uncover fresh insights that will inspire your creative strategy.
Uncover new opportunitiesCommercially-driven quick-wins to build into your existing planning.
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