May 6, 2022Read of the week: Gen Alpha’s developmental delay

The pandemic has affected different groups in many ways, but one cohort that seems to often get overlooked is Gen Alpha. According to research lockdowns have slowed child development, with lower income families hit hardest.

Veronica TroyVeronica Troy is Insights Editor at Canvas8 and oversees the Signals content stream. With an MA in anthropology, she tracks human behaviour across markets and sectors, helping brands uncover patterns and shifts to better understand people's wants and needs. Outside of work, you’ll find her on the lookout for the best dumplings, the weirdest craft beer, and the sort of folk gigs your grandparents like.

A study conducted by Ofsted has revealed that the effects of the pandemic, along with various restrictions and lockdowns, has slowed the development of British Gen Alpha’s social skills - with a rising number of Alpha’s unable to understand facial expressions and communicative cues, and children from lower income families crawling and walking at a later age.

This is a reminder that the effects of the pandemic will be felt years to come, and demographics across all ages will experience this differently. Brands like Moonbug are helping to educate and entertain Gen Alpha through their content, with the goal of offering educational content that expands ‘kids’ worlds and minds’.

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