May 4, 2022How are brands elevating IRL shopping experiences?

In an increasingly competitive consumer landscape, online and offline shopping are battling it out to entice customers to spend their hard earned money. But as digital spending surges, how can brands win over people and drive them to shop in-store?

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Experiential retail is providing shoppers with new immersive IRL hang-outs, and peoples favourite brands are giving them that little something extra they cant get online - it's estimated that 78% of purchases globally will still be made in physical locations by 2024.

We spoke to Georgina Evans, writer, editor and broadcaster, about her thoughts on the future of immersive shopping, luxury retail and in-store shopping experiences.

What can brands do to entice customers back to shopping in-store, complementing rather than competing with shopping digitally?
In-store can offer unique, personal experiences that digital may not just yet. Brands can provide store only experiences - such as performances, personalisation or tailoring - and special in-store only / limited edition products that draw customers back in.

How can brands tap into a sense of adventure when elevating their in-store experiences?
Creating immersive experiences is imperative; it allows the customer to escape within the brand's world. There's a lot of room to play with in-store experiences, but it works best when it gives the customer something to connect with.

As luxury brands shift towards event retail, what is it that makes these new experiences more successful?
There's something about the limited-time run of a pop-up that gives us that fear-of-missing-out feeling. We want to be a part of that finite moment. What will this pop-up tell us, show us, give us? They allow the customer a unique experience that often feels more exclusive and one-on-one than a typical in-store experience.

Brand in action:
Macy’s have experienced a remarkable comeback since their near total collapse in 2020, and are owning the post-pandemic recovery retail experience. Thanks to their blend of online and offline shopping, they've managed to stabilise amid economic uncertainty.

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